Saturday, January 26, 2013

I've moved..,

I will be blogging from wordpress. Do check out my future posts there:

Friday, January 11, 2013

Canele, Sun and Moon

Little friend Dr M who's studying in Australia came back for school vacation and arranged to meet me and Ms Summer Fragrant for dinner on Tue.

We had dinner at Canele, Raffles City:
All of us weren't hungry so we ordered two sandwiches to share:
Pretty interior decor:
We also ordered macaroons and a chocolate cake for dessert:


Then on Thu, after contemplating the whole day, I finally went to meet some of my poly friends for dinner. It's been almost 9 years since I last met all of them (except for JY whom I went out once with 2 yrs ago):
All of them looked the same. Good to know everyone is doing fine. I just had to post this photo here, since it is one photo that may have never existed (if I hadn't finally decided to take the plunge).

I've shut these friends out for so many years and really had to muster a lot of courage that day to see them again.  Actually felt nostalgic, emotional and apprehensive when on the way to meet them. But I'm glad I went, it was as though the 9 years lapse never existed when we chatted and laughed over the poly days...

Dinner was at Sun and Moon, Wheelock Place. Been wanting to visit this place for years.

The ladies ordered Foie Gras:
 And a sashimi platter:
There's also some rice set that we shared but I didn't managed to take photo of.

But I did took a photo of the dessert:
Food was good. Dessert so so. The once in 9 years reunion was Priceless..

Monday, January 07, 2013

Gel Nails again.

Had to remove the previous gel nails as most of the stones have already fallen off and it looked quite ugly. Couldn't resist doing up the nails again. I had expected a lighter shade of pink for the polka dots. Otherwise it's quite satisfactory:
Saw this cute pinkish Hello Kitty ring last night and it really matches my nails so I bought it:
Happy Happy!

Dinner with Parents and FIL

Eloh and I went with Parents and Sis to nearby marketplace for porridge on Sat evening and bumped into Eloh's dad who went there to dine alone. So we had a meal together.
On Friday, I went with WW and A (A&W for short) for steamboat dinner at Crystal Jade. Eloh had to work late but came to fetch me around 10pm.
The steamboat was nice. Wanna try again soon. :p

Antoinette at Palais Renaissance

It was colleague's JCL's last day last Fri and we had a farewell dinner with her on Thu. We are sad that she's leaving but happy for her as she was responding to her religious calling and will be studying and subsequently working in the area that she believes in.

It was my first visit to this place and the first impression was that this place is really "as what they said" - Fit for a queen! It's so quaint and pretty!

WW ordered crepe

I shared this onion soup with Aggie
My main. Did not expected the additional plate of bread..

Aggie's mushroom Risotto. Nice!

Mont Blanc

Strawberry Shortcake

Don't remember the name of this dessert. Most pretty tho.

Don't remember this either.
Hope to visit again.